Siddharth Vadgama

I make things

Who I am

I'm Sidd; a technologist. I like creating both virtual and physical experiences, being versatile enough to tackle large and diverse parts of projects. Focusing on bringing all elements together to create a streamlined user experience.

Currently, I'm based in London working as a Lead Developer at Idean UK. Previously at Tribal Worldwide, and British Airways.

Some things I've done


Mobius is a framework for creating wireless “Internet of Things” Ardunio projects with web-based control. Mobius generates both, the web-based control and the Ardunio code, allowing you to create huge portions of projects without writing a single line of code.

The Blade

This was a chiptune keytar built by Greig Stewart, Sam Wray, and myself at BuzzJam. It comprised of hacked Guitar Hero guitars, a Rock Band keytar, two Game Boys, an Arduino Mega, and a Raspberry Pi, and a Leap Motion. The Blade was featured on the BBC and Vice

British Airways

The project I worked on at British Airways involved rebuilding their entire booking platform from the ground up as an Angular application. The project transformed the current platform into a cleaner, simpler, and more user-focused experience.

N9 Design

N9 Design is a creative studio at which I previously worked as a Junior Developer/Designer. During my time here, using the N9 CMS, I built nine content-managed websites and contriuted to ten others. Along with this I produced around 70 e-flyers, and 300 pieces of artwork for various campaigns.


Quartz was an interactive installation. As an individual walks past a physical phone, the phone will ring enticing the user to answer it. Once answered the user will be connected to a random phone number from a database of people who have opted into the project, creating a conversation between two strangers.

Laptop Screen Monitor

This was a project I undertook when my previous laptop died. Aiming to reuse as many of the components as possible, I modified the laptop's screen to function as an external monitor. This project was quite popular, generating around 1.2 million hits acorss a number of media websites, including Hacker News and Reddit.


KOTH is a game based on 'king of the hill' that takes place both physically & digitally. Players must enter randomly generated codes on their smartphone, the active code is displayed in a set location. After a user has entered the code, they become king. This initiates a cooldown on the code screen until the next code generates.


TermiSoc is Plymouth University's computing society, of which I was chairman of for two-and-a-half years from 2011 to 2014. Together we ran weekly events, and more infrequent larger events, such as 50+ person LAN parties. I also was in charge of creating all branding, promotional material and other media for the society.

The Only Way is Freshers

Branding and promotional media work I did for a student event. The event was a several-hundred person student night hosted by a cast member of the depressingly popular TV show, The Only Way is Essex.